This is a blog featuring several photos or information that I have found about Slender Man. Slender Man is a strange, tall man in a suit that has been seen to follow (stalk) people and has had some reports of photos with the possible Slender Man where some people in the photo will soonly go missing. The way I found out Slender Man was through a youtube series from the channel called MarbleHornets, which are tapes uploaded by Jay from his friends movie he made for college, called Marble Hornets. The tapes show Alex, Jay’s friend, having personal recordings on some tapes of being followed or attacked by a person who could be Slender Man. The series has more, but it also shows that the video cameras distort audio and picture when Slender Man appears. Usually after this, the person will have no memory of what exactly happened except for what the camera recorded. I have also seen a documentary on Youtube about possible pictures of the Slender Man dating back to Ancient Egypt. So, through what I have learned of this mysterious being in a suit, I am going to be posting alot of information and photos I find of him.


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